Take immediate advantage of promoting your brand in the new marketplace with billions of users of the most popular messengers like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, etc.
Business Bots Constructor
Here is our demo bot with use cases, info about company and benefits for businesses
Selling goods and services
Booking seats in movie theaters, aircrafts etc.
Booking time slots for a specialist or a service as per timetable
Self-service for end users
Gamification and personalization
Interactive push messaging
Better conversion rates in the funnel
Recruiting, adaptation, training and raising staff efficiency
Live communications via chat or service automation
Our Platform can assist you if you are looking for
Bot is a new convenient communication media with high capabilities for service automation, supporting most of scenarios available today for web, and new unique capabilities for gamification and interactive marketing with personalization and precise audience targeting. Bot is much more than just chat bot answering end user questions.

Nikolay Makarov, Managing Partner at Fasttrack
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End User perception of bots
"On the way", "case by case", "on hands" service
Immediately from wish to action
No tiring downloads and garbage apps on smartphone
Just another contact in the messenger contact list
Using Constructor you will save time, cash and minimize your risks
Promotion with landing to bots is 20-100 times more efficient then promotion with landing to web giving best 1-5% conversion rate
Benefits of using bots in the business
Benefits of working with Fasttrack
We offer a turnkey solution for e-commerce shopping in messenger. It includes catalogue displaying window, cart, check-out inside of bot or via client web site, filters, "guru service", sales based on scenarios based on end user choice and with in-built scoring, capabilities to support calendars, timetables, seats booking with ability to validate availability. We connect payment services as per business choice, natural language processing for quick navigation across catalogue. We have in-built CMS which is integrated with Client CMS via XML uploading connectors. We can provide the content management services as per customer request.
Interactive Targeted Marketing
Interactive Targeted Marketing Platform allows better conversion from contacts to action enabled by bot-cookies, rich client profile, gamification and interactive communications for better segmentation and profiling of end user and their needs and barriers. The platform allows precise targeting of the audience to the level of personalized offers. The platform allows automatic real time triggering of push messages based on connected predictive algorithms and models. We can provide the service of interactive marketing as per customer request.
Your business is looking for Talents and A Players. They are not searching for a new job, and they are not easy to find. But they are usually active socially, and can be easily found in social networks and messengers. Try to get them interested in your bot suggesting interesting content and giving them ability to express themselves. The capabilities of interactive communications and gamification mechanics will allow your business to find the best candidates and make them unique offers. If you need mass recruitment, then bot is an ideal solution as well. We can offer complex forms with in-built scoring and variable scenarios depending on candidate answers. This will help you profile and rate candidates automatically.
Distance Education
It is quite hard to take an employee out of his working place even for an hour. Training methods allowing to learn "on the way", "ad hoc" and "in situ" are more appropriate for modern working life style. Such methods are natural for messengers and bots. We offer templates to organize training courses and assessment forms with different scoring models. You will know if your student have studied materials or not. You will be able to check if the knowledge persists after some period of time. You can arrange supportive ongoing training programs. You can use interactive study methods, video and graphical materials. Your employees will always have the knowledge base on hands.
Create, configure, launch and update your bots for all messengers on single platform
Use WYSIWYG Constructor and templates to make your business ideas live without looking for help of sw engineer
Broadcast your campaigns, news, notifications, reminders, forms and other type of push messages to all or just selective users
FB Messenger, Viber and Telegram
Visual Constructor
Interactive Messages
Create personal zones and offer your clients the ability of authorized services
Offer personalized service to your clients based on their profiles
Authorization and Authentication
Personalization and Segmentation
Integrate your bots with external service like payments, maps, etc. or back office systems
Sell via bot using convenient display window for your catalogue and cart with check-out
Suggest live chat with back office to your clients
External Integration
Fasttrack Platform Capabilities
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