Fasttrack Bot Platform

We provide the tools and technology to build chatbots for complex service and communication solutions. A chatbot backend can integrate into your back office or run autonomously on its own, with online workplaces for your staff.
Messaging Apps
The platform is integrated with four major messaging apps. The WhatsApp integration is in active development. Other app or widget integrations are available upon request.
Facebook Messenger
VK Messenger
Bot Builder
A WISYWIG editor for designing bot content and interactions
Unified flow logic for all messaging apps
Visual content editor for all app integrations
The WYSIWYG editor is extended by the optional JSON editor for maximum flexibility
The basic building block is a node. Nodes can display content, make an HTTP request, or trigger an internal procedure.
Built-in multilanguage support
Dynamic webview builder
Ruleset designer based on DialogFlow
Global AI rules
Rules can invoke internal procedures
Date, time and named entity recognition
Context-based rules
Out-of-the-box solution for marketplaces and franchise
Bots can be connected to each other
Every bot in a marketplace has its own account and billing dashboard
Bots can easily be cloned and sold as templates
Partial cloning (cherrypicking) of logic between bots
Form Designer
A tool to create complex forms, questionnaires, or quizzes
A form is a separate entity that consists of question nodes and condition nodes
A form can have several branches depending on the user input
User input validation using regular expressions and content type checking (text/image/location/...)
Multi-category scoring
Score histograms
A form can access user context accumulated in the main flow
A user can quit the form at any time and return back to the point where he left
Deadlines/timeouts for user input
A form can have a limit on the number of answer sessions (i.e. to avoid repeat user input)
Customizable data processing procedures before and after user input
Multichoice questions
A form can be presented as a sequence of questions within a messaging app or as a traditional HTML page
Notifications about new user input via email or HTTP. All user input is exportable as an MS Excel/CSV file
Easy cloning of forms and questions
Customizable admin reply form
A form can be followed with a payment request using built-in integration with Wallet One
Integration Bus
Sync or async HTTP integration and complex data processing. A collection of prebuilt procedures including shopping carts, submitting orders etc.
Custom user attributes
User variables stored in JSON format
A tool for building HTTP requests, processing response data and handling the decisions upon HTTP responses
Code editor for writing custom procedures
Custom procedures are isolated from the main core
A library of prebuilt procedures including shopping cart mechanics, pagination, authorization/deauthorization etc.
Sandbox mode for testing and debugging procedures
Debug mode for specific users enables verbose logging of all backend operations and error codes directly to user's chat in messenger
Marketing Campaigns
Monitor conversions and drilldown to traffic sources and target actions
Tracking for leadgen funnels and sales funnels
Drilldown to traffic sources
Drilldown to target campaign actions
ROI metrics
Funnels And Sequences
Organize your content into personalized sequences that users can subscribe to
A funnel is a separate entity independent of the main bot logic
Linear sequences
Conditional sequences
Deeplinks to different bot entrypoints
A funnel can have content-based and procedure-based steps
Grow your audience using broadcasts trough SMS, Viber Service Messages, VK Service Messages
Cascading broadcasts from free push notifications to sponsored service messages to sms
Tracking and metrics for broadcasts
High-performance broadcasts
Service and marketing communications
Out-of-the box integration with miltiple service message vendors
Broadcast personalization using timezones and customer attributes
Users can set availability windows for incoming messages
Audience can be segmented by attributes using flexible nested filters
Reports exportable in MS Excel/CSV format
Schedules custom procedures or content delivery on a one-time or regular basis
Audience for scheduled procedures can be segmented by attributes using flexible nested filters
Referral Programs
Flexible mechanisms for viral growth
Build unique referral programs
Generate shareable referral deeplinks
Monitor your referrals
Set up referral bonus system
Customer Profiles
Profile and segment your users based on their actions. Use timezones for perfectly timed content delivery.
Default and custom attributes
API for external attribute management
Daily limits on incoming messages for every subscriber
Message availability windows for every subscriber
Content managing system with customizable data structures and data representations, state machines, and action triggers
Meta layer for asynchronous integration and data processing
Templates for JSON data representation
Advanced REST API with support for bulk actions
Customizable state machines and triggers on state changes
Customizable staff dashboards allowing for communication with subscribers
Role management, hierarchical content and much more
JSON-based HTML webview generator
Built-in e-commerce platform with customizable data representations
Full-featured ecommerce platform
Templates for JSON data representation
Advanced REST API with support for bulk actions
Staff dashboards
Chat Center
Built-in chat center or integrations with LiveTex and Intercom
Built-in chat center based on Telegram groupchat mechanics
Integration with LiveTex
Integration with Intercom
Knowledge Base
Advanced solution for FAQ management
Built-in knowledge base on top of FlexCMS
Integration with Intercom
Built in analytical tools and ChatBase integration
Customer journey trees
Retention metrics
Cohort analysis
Session length metrics
Dialogue samples
The platform is available as a package to install within your infrastructure

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