Automate your marketing and business operations using chatbot power

To stay ahead of the competition, you provide quality products and exceptional customer service. We have the tools to engage your customers in a brand new ecosystem with a "reduced" interface.

Single Point Of Contact

A major disruptor for the customer journey is the multitude of points of contact. A comprehensive service chatbot eliminates this factor by being a single point of contact for all customer interactions, while also providing two-way communication. This provides consistent user experience through all the customer lifecycle.
Looking for leadgen instruments, customer acquisition, promotion via messaging apps or personalized marketing funnels? We mix and match the tools for your needs.
Any sale can be closed in a messaging app. Think your sales are different? Let us create a strategy for you.
Customer Service
Chatbots make customer service simpler and faster both for the user and for the manager. A customer inquiry can be submitted and fulfilled, all without leaving the messenger app.
Customer Support
We offer customer support automation at different levels. Optimize your CS costs or focus on acquiring repeat customers.
"Traditional SMM" is said to be dying. Is Messenger Marketing the new way?

Today's customers value privacy and personal space. With messaging apps providing this privacy, a whole new ecosystem has emerged and brought new market opportunities. This is a long-term trend that has been embraced in 2018 by key players in the digital space.

Product marketing that considers the user's private space is the future. We are developing new ways to create services and products in this promising new messaging environment.

Product Design In Messaging Apps

Messaging apps are mostly viewed as massive traffic sources with 2B+ highly engaged users, delivering high CTR and Open Rate. But they also provide opportunities for innovative product design.
100% Interactivity
In messaging apps, users are always available for a chat. Your message will bubble up to the top of the user's contact list and draw attention.
100% Availability
When a user subscribes to your chatbot he becomes available for a contact. The subscription rate from website/email links to a chatbot is estimated at up to 80%.
360° Marketing
Along with the audience, messaging apps provide instruments for growing the audience, including native ads, marketplaces, and sponsored messages. We build on these instruments and extend them with a comprehensive toolbox for leadgen and sales. These include marketing funnels, website-based retargeting, virality via referral programs, interactive experiences, and cross-platform broadcasts.
360° Service
With current technology, any service can be adapted for delivery through messaging apps, including ecommerce, booking, product and service marketplaces, personalization tools managing private data, complex integrations, automated or human-assisted customer support.

Fasttrack Bot Platform

We provide the tools and technology to build chatbots for complex service and communication solutions. A chatbot backend can integrate into your back office or run autonomously on its own, with online workplaces for your staff.


The platform has an advanced dashboard for designing and building bots, and a simpler workplace for operating them.
Bot Builder
A WISYWIG editor for designing bot content and interactions
Form Designer
A tool to create complex forms, questionnaires, or quizzes
Integration Bus
Sync or async HTTP integration and complex data processing
Content managing system with customizable data structures and data representations, state machines, and action triggers
Built-in e-commerce platform with customizable data representations
Ruleset designer based on DialogFlow
Chat Center
Built-in chat center or integrations with LiveTex and Intercom
Out-of-the-box solution for marketplaces and franchise
The platform is available as a package to install within your infrastructure

Marketing Tools

Our implementation team can build a platform-based bot for your brand, including product design, UX design, UI design and IT integrations.
Marketing Campaigns
Monitor conversions and drilldown to traffic sources and target actions
Funnels And Sequences
Organize your content into personalized sequences that users can subscribe to
Referral Programs
Flexible mechanisms for viral growth
Cascading Broadcasts
Grow your audience using broadcasts trough SMS, Viber Service Messages, VK Service Messages
Customer Profiles
Profile and segment your users based on their actions. Use timezones for perfectly timed content delivery.
Built in analytical tools and ChatBase integration

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